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Introducing photographer Rolando Diaz.


I visited Rolando Diaz some time back, we had coffee and cigarettes. Suddenly out of nowhere, he pulled out albums and more albums of old images he had shot, while living in New York city back in the 80’s and 90’s. A spectacular and disturbing mass of material; an echo from another place. The people in the photographs, may not even be alive today. A documentation of a queer and edgy landscape, a vibrant scene and a turning-point in time. Here in Rolando’s own words:

“I came to New York in 83 straight to the East Village with it’s edgy underground art and fashion culture. A city full of impressions and emotions a sense of openness and freedom . There was music and clubbing, places like legendary Danceteria, the pyramid, the Roxy and many more. Aids and crack were epidemics, there were ghetto blasters and break dancing in the streets, Mayor Koch was there too, subway cars covered with graffiti, Warhol, Basquiat and Keith Haring busy painting fast. An explosive ever-changing city. New York at it’s best.”

Enjoy looking through a small selection of the material.






We are honored to be able to open up the private image catalogue of Rolando Diaz. Visit his webpage for more :

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