Jordanstown Agreement 1987

The Jordanstown Agreement of 1987 was a significant political milestone in Northern Ireland. This agreement was a result of the Anglo-Irish Agreement that was signed in 1985 and was aimed at resolving the sectarian conflict that had plagued the country for decades.

The 1987 agreement was signed by representatives of the British and Irish governments, as well as by political parties in Northern Ireland. This agreement outlined a new framework for the political institutions in Northern Ireland, including the establishment of a Northern Ireland Assembly and an Executive Committee.

The Jordanstown Agreement was significant as it laid the foundation for a new era of political cooperation and dialogue in Northern Ireland. It provided a framework for the power-sharing arrangements that would later be established under the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

One of the key features of the Jordanstown Agreement was the establishment of the Northern Ireland Assembly. The Assembly was designed to provide a forum for elected representatives to discuss and debate issues of importance to the people of Northern Ireland. This marked a significant departure from the previous system of government, which was characterized by direct rule from Westminster.

The Jordanstown Agreement also established an Executive Committee to oversee the work of the Assembly. This Committee was made up of representatives from the major political parties in Northern Ireland and was designed to ensure that power was shared between the different communities in the region.

Furthermore, the Agreement recognized the need for human rights protection in Northern Ireland and established a Human Rights Commission to monitor and promote the protection of these rights.

In conclusion, the Jordanstown Agreement of 1987 was a significant milestone in Northern Ireland`s political history. It provided a framework for the power-sharing arrangements that enabled the region to move towards a more peaceful and stable future. While there were still challenges to be faced in the years that followed, the Jordanstown Agreement laid the foundation for the progress that has been made since then.

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