We are a communications and innovations bureau, addressing each next challenge to impact our world. We are specialists in the flux and change of culture, politics and the construction of the built environment. Our creative solutions draw on the insight gained as we lead and learn; from research, current affairs, film, theatre and architecture. Art and knowledge give us the hope and skills to inspire and equip our clients in transforming their business, their environments and their commitments.

We are your next partner for StorytellingPublic AffairsMedia Design and Regenerative Placemaking.




When creating and telling stories, we are well rehearsed in conducting interviews and portraits, based on personal and place-based history and culture. Over time, we have become branch leaders in Danish journalism and PR, and offer teams made up experts in art, politics, climate, philosophy, and architecture.

Public Affairs

Informed and analysis and updated by our network, NXT serves political interests within the home of the Danish parliament, Christianborg. Our extensive media experience, political insight and consistent delivery has earned us credibility and trust. We work cross-sector, with specific presence in the construction industry, meeting political directives and striking new collaborations to reduce environmental degradation and mitigate emissions.

Media Design

We design and produce campaigns, podcasts, communication platforms, visual productions, and social media strategies. We are deeply involved in the cultural aspects of the climate crisis and, in our own NXT magazine, explore the complexity and potentials of change through visual art, poetry, and critical reflections.

Regenerative Placemaking

Being of Place (Stedets Væsen) describes our method of gathering existing, unique qualities of a place before development and bringing them into each new construction project as an underlay rich in the ecology, culture and history that belongs to this particular location. Strengthening biodiversity and initiating circularity are key motions to inform the building design process and help meet the demands of new EU directives for sustainable, economic construction (taxonomy).

NXT Community

Evolving over years of collaboration and passions shared, the NXT community contains people with a wide range of skillsets and experiences. Occupying sectors of politics, commerce, architecture, academia and the arts they are invaluable assets at our table. We invite them regularly to share their insights by hosting salons, exhibitions and concerts. They challenge and expand our perspectives. They keep us on our toes.

Meet the NXT Community here.