NXT is an innovation and branding agency occupied by the free thinking in arts, architecture, communications, politics and management.

We offer creative execution and sparring across our disciplines and international networks for companies, municipalities and high performing people.

We believe that change and competitiveness are created by happiness, credibility and profound knowledge of what drives tomorrow.

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NXT Relations

Consulting and execution in communications, media, politics, strategy and management.

NXT Labs

Research, development and prototyping in arts, architecture, film, sustainability and science.

NXT Academy

Courses, salon, lectures and coaching.

NXT Workspace

Workplaces, venues and events.

NXT Community

Copenhagen, Aarhus, Los Angeles, Paris, Kobe.


NXT works with strategic branding and communication for companies, organizations and municipalities. We do this through creative execution and processing strategies and desired positions.

We have many projects where art, experience, performance art and architecture are integral parts. This helps us break new boundaries with creative work that flies under the radar!

Public Affairs
Safeguarding your political interests as a company, organization or municipality requires a dogged and analytical effort and a physical presence at parliament and the ministries.

The key is credibility derived from broad political insight, long media experience and relevant knowledge and timing. NXT Relations has built trust and networks at Christiansborg through concrete and long-term projects. So we can release your influence if the right conditions are present.

Creative execution
NXT Labs develops campaigns based on art, architecture, film, sustainable conversion and science. We are occupied by the close future, hence our name, and of our historical legacy, hence our love for the tangibility of the pre-digital world. We are inventors of Dome of Visions and co-developers of the Futures Laboratory: In 100 Years.

Journalistic content
NXT delivers well-researched, clearly communicated journalism, across several genres. We specialize in interviews, portraits, background articles, storytelling and trend stories. Our journalistic content is rolled out on a variety of targeted platforms such as websites, social media, blogs, newspapers, magazines, and books.

Over time, NXT has built one of the industry's most experienced journalist+PR teams of writers specializing in art, culture, performance art, urban development, philosophy, business, politics, and architecture.

NXT has carried out research and communication tasks across a range of sectors. Our past and present clients include: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Carlsberg, Den Danske Bank, SEB, IKEA, KommuneForsikring, City of Copenhagen, H&M, Volvo, Telia, Kooperation, Pfizer, NCC in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, DONG Energy, Kilroy travels International, Aarhus Municipality, ELSAM, Arla Foods, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, GlaxoSmithKline, Novozymes, the VELUX Foundation and Fanoe Municipality.

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Over the years, NXT has developed into a broad network of passionate and visionary people – both in Denmark and internationally.

Our ever-growing community extends in many directions and includes designers, artists, policy makers, businesspeople, architects, journalists, writers, futurists and other creative forces driven by wild thoughts, crazy nebengeschäfte, ambitious projects and social and political engagement.

Our network gives you a nuanced picture of who NXT is, along with the team behind it, and what knowledge and experience we draw on when we solve various assignments.

It is from these strong communities we get our inspiration. And they keep our ear to the ground when it comes to the latest trends and tendencies in the many corners of our society and world.

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Project Manager Nikoline Kern
Tel: +45 28 96 90 50
Email: nikoline@nxtbrand.dk

Founder and creative director Flemming Wisler
Email: wisler@nxtbrand.dk


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