Withdrawal – Breathing – Prefiguring

NXT Encounters are live online dialogues between invited guests, in a time of a global pandemic that forces us to build community in new ways and to imagine a future that does not merely reproduce the status quo. Because the last thing to do, is to do everything we did before. In this session we meet academic Kristine Samson (DK) and artist Marcella Arruda (Brazil).

We invite you to travel with us on a series of online encounters sparking dialogue and reflection, using this time to look inward and dive deep. Let us reflect on our way of living now, so that we don’t just pick up where we left off, on the other side of this pandemic challenge. Because the last thing to do, is to do everything as we did it before.

This first online encounter opens reflections on ‘Withdrawal – Breathing – Prefiguring’ through dialogue between artist Marcella Arruda and academic Kristine Samson. The dialogue was streamed live on NXT’s Facebook page.

Watch and listen to the encounter here:

During the corona crisis many people around the globe are withdrawn from their every day community, from the city and from public life. Together we will explore how withdrawal can be a point of departure for rediscovery and regeneration of multiple existences. A renewal that might include care and understanding of the planetary ecologies we are part of, and new social ways of being and doing together.

Marcella Arruda – Through installations, urban interventions, performances and pedagogical programs, Marcella explores the performativity of landscapes, rituals of temporal spatialities and symbolic construction. She works at the intersection of art, architecture, politics and education. Currently she has withdrawn from the city and is practicing collaborative and environmental ways of co-existence.

Kristine Samson is an urbanist and environmentalist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently she has withdrawn from work life as a university professor and from her role as researcher of urban life and culture. She is thinking about the ecologies of practice and how we might create new forms of sharing and developing knowledge during a planetary crisis – both an environmental and a social crisis.

NXT Encounters between Marcella Arruda and Kristine Samson

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