What trees are saying

Film title: Stay a while

OTHER STORY PRESENTS – What are trees communicating? As a part of Other Story’s exploration of the ‘other than human’, the documentary project traveled to Oslo, Norway, to sit down with TED global speaker Per Espen Stoknes. Stoknes has since he was 19 years old, been able to communicate with trees. Today Per is an internationally acclaimed author, writing from his capacity as psychologist, he researches the human reaction patterns to the climate crisis. In this new short documentary, hear what trees are expressing to Stoknes and get mind tools to deal with climate depression; what Stoknes calls the ‘Great Grief’.

Central to Other Story’s work is the belief that stories matter. Stories shape the way we know our world, each other and ourselves. It is time to tell new stories. In this time when it is crucial that we change our habits and ways of inhabiting the world, Other Story seeks to encourage this process by sharing the stories of ordinary people, channel the ‘other than human’ and the change-makers fighting for humanity and for the planet. 
Find a full description of the Other Story documentary project on the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation webpage.

By sharing these films we can shape the stories of our emerging world. And as we are an independant platform, please support our work, if you find it important, by sharing our films in your network. View the films as openers for reflection and agitators of dialogue. Set up intimate home screenings, share via social media, at your school or workplace, and send a film in a personal message to a lover or a foe. 

Director – Madeleine Kate McGowan // Interview – Marie Bjørn // Camera – Anastasia Sif Karkazis, Madeleine Kate McGowan // Edit – Madeleine Kate McGowan // Sound – Anton Falck Gansted, Madeleine Kate McGowan // Supported by NXT // Thanks to – Jacinta McGowan, Stine Skøtt Olesen, Per Espen Stoknes

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