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Voices: “When sound mirrors movement”

Performance art is truly on the verge of a major breakthrough. It is now a genuine trend to let performers and performance pieces infiltrate different situations and institutions. This years TEDxCopenhagen was also coloured by the trend. The people behind the new performance and music festival Henrys Dream, were invited to present a performance piece in between speaks.

As a part of the ongoing research into the fusion of music and performance art, by the community around Henrys Dream, a sound performance was presented at TEDxCopenhagen. The artists behind the piece challenged the musicians and performers with the theme of ‘mirror’. The sound produced on stage should be a spontaneous composition, dictated by the movements created by the performers. By doing so, the artists consciously chose to work with elements of chaos and unpredictability as a part of the performance design, thereby challenging the way music is normally performed and presented in concert situations at various venues around the world. Indirectly questioning the obsession with control in today’s western society, playing with the notion, that a balance between chaos and control in the design, shapes a more dynamic result and process for all involved. By doing so, the performance which was presented to the audience, becomes a presentation of process rather than product. The artists let themselves be exhibited whilst in the flow of experimenting, moving away from an obsession with perfection, and instead sharing the artists ability to ride the unknown, shaping it as she goes along.

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