The Earth is coming back

In the winter of 2018, three artists and members from Other Story, visited Palestine. Art student Kamil Dossar Franko, founder of and filmmaker in Other Story, Madeleine Kate McGowan, and writer, Marie Bjørn. It was their first journey in the region. They went into the textures, villages, curves, wanting to explore the relations to soil. On Friday Other Story releases the first film in this series ‘The Earth is coming back’. It will be screened together with a selection of other Other Story films, at Videomøllen, Sankt Hans Gade 10, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Founder and filmmaker in Other Story, here in Hebron, Palestine, 2018. Photo by Marie Bjørn.
“We lived in Ramallah, with Amal and her beautiful family. Every morning they had fresh lemons from Jericho for us.”

“When we were in Hebron, Palestine, 2018, we moved through streets and layers of visible and invisible violence. Had a generous lunch with a local family, climbed on ruins, rested on a hilltop when chants were calling to prayer and filmed the young Israeli soldiers as much as possible. When we were in Ramallah, we stayed in the most beautiful family home and woke up to lemons from Jericho.

The Other Story team always stays at private homes, when they explore the areas and textures of a place and a people.

Encounter after encounter, the richness and poetry of the Palestinian peoples language became clear to us. When we moved in the rural areas, we tried to talk about other things than the conflict, but it was hard, as the war strikes an open wound through the land and everyone inhabiting it.

Kamil Dossar Franko, photographer and filmmaker in Other Story. Here in Hebron, Palestine.

We move like this – go into the situation to meet one human being at a time, and speak about beauty, love, favourite places. This is how we contribute. Our gift is the film. Everyone in the productions risking themselves through moving a little closer to ‘the other’; one another.”

“We visited a Bedouin village outside Hebron. It was a diving into happiness. A waterfall of children’s laughter and vibrance.”
Writer and Other Story member, Marie Bjørn. Photo: Madeleine Kate McGowan.

On Friday the 18th of Oct, from 18:30-22:30, a series of our films will be screened in the streets of Copenhagen, Sankt Hans Gade 10, Nørrebro. The archive will be opened together with two premieres. One from Jordan and one from Palestine. You are welcome to come and go at the screening or stay for all the films. Bring warm clothes. We will serve safe tea.

Photos by Marie Bjørn with Kamil Dossar Franko and Madeleïne Käte // #palestine #life #radicalsoftness #journey #filmproduction #hebron #earthiscomingback #otherstory #documentary #westbank #encounter #lifeinpalestine The event is produced by Anastasia Sif Karkazis together with the Other Story Community.

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