The body collective and the collective as a body

NXT Encounters are live online dialogues between invited guests, in a time of a global pandemic that forces us to build community in new ways and to imagine a future that does not merely reproduce the status quo. Because the last thing to do, is to do everything we did before. In this session with artist Klara Utke Acs (DK) and dancer Sindri Runudde (Stockholm).

In this conversation we spend time with the notions of body and collective. We linger over how to embody a collective within us through multitude and imagination. And wander through how the collective can manifest as a body in these times of virality, contagion and social distancing. The dialogue was streamed live on NXT’s Facebook page.

Watch and listen to the encounter here:

Klara Utke Acs is an artist working within the expanded field of dance, choreography and performance art. She is occupied with embodied knowledge and exposition of the imaginary. Her artistic practice is expressed through dancing as well as text, alter-egos and conceptual frameworks. Klara is engaged in artistic production and activism through self-organized structures such as the queer art club collective Fake Daughter at Höjden Studios and as a co-initiator of the ongoing study circle for reading and dancing, POSSE. She is active in Copenhagen, Stockholm and in a European context, producing her own work and as a part of works by other artists such as Pontus Pettersson, Pan Daijing, Ellen Söderhult and Soho Rezanejad. (Photo of artist by Fryd Frydendahl)

Sindri Runudde is a Swedish and internationally based dancer and choreographer. They are working across different fields as sound art and visual art, and is previously educated in contemporary circus. Sindri has worked for companies like Les 7 doigts de la main, Candoco Dance Company and Skånes Dance Theater. As a choreographer they have created Vända och Vrida for Stockholm’s City Theater, The Fishing Dance, touring across Europe 2019-2020, Blind Boi diaries, a co-created autobiography with Juli Apponen touring Sweden in 2017 and Golvet, an interactive sound piece that premiered at Dansens hus in Stockholm.

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