Subject Verb Agreement Exercise Class 10

As students progress through their English education, one of the most important grammar concepts they must master is subject-verb agreement. This refers to the rule that the subject and verb in a sentence must agree in number, meaning that a singular subject takes a singular verb, and a plural subject takes a plural verb. For students in class 10, this is an essential skill to learn and practice.

One effective way to reinforce subject-verb agreement is through exercises. Here are a few exercises that class 10 students can use to hone their skills:

1. Identify the subject and verb in each sentence, and determine if they agree in number.

Example: The dog barks loudly. Answer: Subject (dog) and verb (barks) agree in number.

2. Rewrite sentences with subject-verb agreement errors, correcting the errors.

Example: The team were playing well. Answer: The team was playing well.

3. Choose the correct verb form to complete a sentence based on the subject.

Example: Neither of the boys _______ interested in sports. Answer: is (because “neither” is singular)

4. Identify subject-verb agreement errors in longer passages, and correct them.

Example: The teacher assigned the students a research project. Many of the students work hard, but some of them procrastinates until the last minute. Answer: Many of the students work hard, but some of them procrastinate until the last minute.

By practicing subject-verb agreement exercises, class 10 students can improve their grammar skills and communicate more effectively in written and spoken English. Additionally, as search engines place greater emphasis on well-written content, mastering grammar concepts like subject-verb agreement can even have SEO benefits for students interested in content creation or writing careers.

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