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This post represents a summary of our Sisters Hope newsletter. Read about Sensuous Governing and Sensuous City and our world premiere of Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning.

Sensuous Governing Sensuous City by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt

The sohbet.

Even the sound of it appears soft and sad. The word signifies the mystical exchange between intentions. The energy that resonates through eyes, voice and heart. It is the soil from where poetry is growing. A margin of maneuverability. Endless possibilities. Escape routes. 

I guess the word itself saturated me, because of the way it incites a new form of transmission. A deep, ignited structure of conversation. This beautiful action of transforming the invisible air into sound. To resonate in each other. And I believe the word felt so precious because of its inherent confidentiality. These opportunities of sharing in praise of sound. 

The conversation itself is a manifestation of wishes and dreams for the future, as a manifestation of the souls in alliance. The primary vehicle for inner alteration and the sweetest dissolution of gravity. These heights we can only ever reach – together. 

You might not know this, but over time, you became a poem inside me. A poem that I always carry around. Like a gentle proof of life’s first melodic strength, when it sets off at the root of a clavicle. It is my heart’s simple and fierce confession. This outbreak that could not be withheld. 

And this way I started living spiritually by reclaiming and modifying the suffering like an alchemist. By immersing into pain, I made the expansion and newfound wisdom available. Nuances materialized. I learned that time is the quality of embodying unique moments, assembling in each of us, like echoes of the past. A sonorous locus. Like songs of elegance.

The Ekko

Sensuous Governing at CPH STAGE

Sisters Hope has been chosen to manifest a new piece, Sensuous Governing, as a part of CPH STAGE’s international program this year. 

Sensuous Governing is an immersive performance exploring the future city of a Sensuous Society through an intimate and otherworldly journey into The City Hall and your Poetic Self. 

We are thankful to have been chosen as one of only six pieces for this year’s international program. 

Sensuous Governing is a preview to a deeper exploration of what the city of a Sensuous Society might be – Sensuous City. We are developing this new format in collaboration with the urban and performance festival Metropolis and will release tickets soon. We have decided to do so through this newsletter first. So please, keep your eyes out for this. 

Sensuous Governing Sensuous City by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt

Sensuous City

Sisters Hope will collaborate with Metropolis – Københavns Internationale Teater (KIT) on another new format, Sensuous City, that will premiere this summer.

Metropolis is an artistic platform for the development of the creative city. Københavns Internationale Teater is the organisation behind Metropolis, an initiative that exits the theatre and enters the city to create art, life and debate. We can’t wait to deepen our exploration of a Sensuous Society and the connection between urban transformation and the sensuous and poetic – And we feel honored and grateful to be able to partner with Metropolis/KIT for the premiere of this piece. 

With Sensuous Governing and Sensuous City, we are exploring new performative formats from the question: ‘What would the city of a Sensuous Society be like?’ In this way, we will also contribute to a performative investigation of sensuous city development. 

Keep an eye out for ticket release here and via our Instagram profile and Facebook page.

Sensuous Governing Sensuous City by Sisters Hope
photo: I diana lindhardt

World premiere of Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning

We have finally initiated our full time course at Ryslinge Højskole. The Sisters Performance Method – Sensuous Learning evolves around the three levels: The Poetic Self, Externalizing The Poetic Self and Relating from The Poetic Self. We continue to explore and deepen our understanding of the method, and it has been a dream to dive into this process with our new students. We are moved by their efforts and process and thankful for this opportunity. 

Read the entire newsletter.

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