Octopus Art


Title: på bunden af havet #1

To create in darkness, is to move activated by intuitive intention, sensing the expression, sensing the movement; spineless. Yet unable to articulate the details and reasons to ones actions. Moving into the unknown as an artist, as a human being.

So many aspects to life are already explored, interpreted and articulated for us. Not necessarily concrete aspects to life, such as a place outside of us, but a way of life, an idea of our world, an expression. The inner and outer worlds are vast, yet so many move in homogenous patterns.

As the opposite to the interpreted life, stands the original experience – that which has not yet been interpreted for you. That which is not yet labeled. That which is unknown. It is yours to move into, share, explore and try to whisper about when you come back out on the other side.

To explore an idea that tickles you, but is yet un-tellable. To open an idea in darkness, letting another person shed the light. The light being the skeleton of references, systems, analysis, clear articulation. Many areas, spaces, thoughts, sounds are covered in light, salable, digested by a capitalist system which can only communicate that which is in light, that which is understandable and that which has been labeled. All that moves in the darkness is out of reach and can not be sold. It is ungraspable and is another type of acknowledgement. It is another way to acknowledge ourselves and the world. It may be to stand in awe, to dwell in that sensation, unable to catch it.

To move in darkness, until your experience has been bathed in the light of logic, and then to move back into the darkness, is to play hide and seek with capitalism. It is: Octopus Art.


Images as a part of a series of performances in dark places by Madeleine Kate McGowan & Rasmus Knutzen Nielsen, exploring Octopus Art.

Photos by: Madeleine Kate McGowan & Malte Madsen

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