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Monday the 26th of August from 17:00 – 19:30 you are invited to participate in a NXT Performance Lecture introducing you to experience Daniel Peltz [Swedish/American artist and Professor of Film/Animation/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design] who will discuss a recent performance he developed with Ioana Jucan [Romanian theatre maker and performance philosopher]. Their performance borrows some conventions from the lecture format but is largely composed of miniature sculptures, live-animation, video projections and participatory moments. Together they offer a multi-layered narrative exploring how, within the context of a small glass factory town turned industrial tourist destination in rural Sweden [a town called Rejmyre, where Peltz has been working for the past decade], we might craft a thing, a place, a way of being that is “Not for Export”. Peltz will also discuss the performance in the context of his work, in collaboration with the Swedish craft artist Sissi Westerberg, developing the artist-run organization Rejmyre Art LAB’s Centre for Peripheral Studies.

This NXT Performance Lecture is a collaboration between NXT and Visual Culture and Performance Design (VISPER), Department of Communication and Arts and Science Studies, Roskilde University, and a part of the series “Knowing and Performing”.

The event is free and there is a limited amount of seats, so please RSVP to Nikoline Kern on nikoline@nxtbrand.dk

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