NXT in Paris

Just before the beginning of 2023, NXT exhibited in Paris under the title Place of Encounter – An exhibition of earthly dialogues. It was a gathering of all our NXT Magazine contributors and a celebration of the collaboration with Paris-based 1909 Bookstore.

Together with 1909 Bookstore, we invited guests to explore and immerse themselves in a series of images, sounds, considerations, performative dialogue pieces and videos from the contributing artists, academics, and communities – Other Story, Inga Gerner Nielsen, Stedets Væsen, Phyllis Akinyi, Kamil Dossar Franko, Madeleine Kate McGowan, Nana-Francisca Schottländer, Lucie Curé, Simon-Duong-Van-Huyen, Marit Benthe Norheim, Rasmus Willig and ByBi.

With the exhibition we presented a series of questions – How can we imagine another world in a time of immense destruction? Can art be a way of a bodily re-imagining? An opening of a new language and dialogue with the places we inhabit, the landscapes we think we know, with each other and all of Earth’s critters? As a part of the exhibit we were proud to present dialogues with among others sociologist Nikolaj Schultz (co-author with Bruno Latour – On the Emergence of an Ecological Class) and theatre director Frédérique Aït-Touati.

The exhibition was curated by Madeleine Kate McGowan in collaboration with Kelly Bonneville. A presentation of our second printed edition of The NXT Magazine – Being of Place. Photos by Siv Werner and Madeleine Kate McGowan.

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