Life is hope

As Bruno Latour describes, we must become a new kind of explorers. Instead of conquering in vastness, we must become curious about going into depth with the matter of this world. 
Other Story is doing this, by unfolding the climate crisis through a series of film-portraits of people who are experiencing or pushing the changes of this world.

The members of Other Story started this journey on the shores of Greece, speaking to people arriving to Europe as refugees. Then it took the filmmakers into dialogues with the Water Protectors of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Then portraits of young people in Denmark and how they feel climate disturbances in their bodies and minds. Then an ongoing series of dialogues with climate scientists about their emotional landscapes, and now this conversation with Jordanian climate activist Khaled Shorman, in a region that truly is experiencing the impact of climate change, the Middle East.

‘We are destroying our Mother’ Khaled says. Other Story met Khaledon the land in Jordan, where he is creating the Alia EcoVillage of re-invented traditional Jordanian mudhouses, rainwater collection systems, amfitheatre and organic farming community. Khaled has been a climate activist for decades and speaks about the dry land, his experience of the interconnectivity of life and how it is possible for humans to keep polluting.

“Life is hope… a grand energy that is operating this universe.” – Khaled Shorman

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This film is produced by Other Story. Created by Madeleïne KäteMcGowan and Kamil Dossar Franko. Camera by Anton Falck Gansted, Dossar Franko and McGowan. Sound by Anton Falck Gansted, McGowan and Kamal El Aoufi / Sonic Ornaments Studio. Graphics by Victor Lyse. Thanks to Jacinta McGowan, Flemming Wisler, Ashraf ShatnawiSalah Falyoun, the Other Story Community and Khaled Shorman. Supported by NXT.

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