Let’s get Earthly

As a part of landing on this planet, as French philosopher Bruno Latour urges us to do, we have started a salon series called Earthly Salons. The first three salons were initiated and curated by cultural worker and filmmaker, Madeleine Kate McGowan, who is part of the NXT Community and founder of the documentary collective, Other Story. The future salons will present a full palette of guest curators.

Inspired by the idea of becoming Local in the sense of exploring that which is Earthly and close to us. Exploring as a new wave of explorers on Earth. Not by conquest and division, but through curiosity and encounter, sense and texture, diving into the matter of our Earthly life, becoming more skilled in the art of dying and living together on this (damaged) planet. Further, becoming Global in a new way. Not as we have seen Globalisation unfold through the past decades, dragging the cultivation of monoculture and astronaut perspective, but instead by experiencing ourselves as a part of an Earthly family; soiling ourselves into this primordial community. By all this and more, we open our Earthly Salons to sense each others explorations, shape a diverse language and become more Earthly together.

Through the past months our NXT Earthly Salons have been guested by among others, performance artist Nana-Francisca Schottländer, pianist Eriko Makimura, with a water tribute, refugee support organisation and tech art band – Goodiepal & Pals, young writer Marie Bjørn, with a collective reading on the jellyfish revolution.

Here is a glimpse into the textures we have fermented at our old NXT house in Copenhagen.

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