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A whole new artist community is becoming more and more visible and has a growing impact on the art-scene. Cyber art, internet art and web museums, all new tendencies. The internet becomes a vital and defining part of the art pieces and the virtual platforms become galleries and museums. Museum of the Internet has developed into a strong window, and an artist such as Rafaël Rozendaal let’s a webpage become the art object. Collectors are investing in his webpage art, even though they could never place the art object on their wall or in their gallery, they are content with their name being linked to a virtual platform. In this way their online visibility becomes a payoff together with their support of an artists work. A whole new way to be an art collector too. Maja Malou Lyse plays with feminist and queer themes through her tumblr platform and has created a short video, where she through a dating platform, exhibits herself in a virtual window, for anyone to look at her, in lingerie and crying nonstop. The other users of the virtual dating site, has no idea, that Maja Malou is an artist, so they comment on her as they would any other. The only response Maja Malou leaves them in writing is: It makes me sad to be objectified. 

Explore the playful and interactive internet art by Rafaël Rozendaal here: Each icon is a link for a web-site, and each site has it’s own rules, it may be interactive codes for you to solve, funny comments or just poetic graphical landscapes.

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Images: Above: Maja Malou Lyse/Boothbitch Middle: Tauba Auerbach Bottom two: Rafaël Rozendaal.

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