Independent Schools Multi-Enterprise Agreement (Support Staff)

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards unionization among support staff at independent schools. One of the most significant developments in this area is the multi-enterprise agreement (MEA), which allows multiple schools to collectively negotiate with support staff unions.

An MEA is essentially a collective bargaining agreement between a group of employers and a union. It establishes certain terms and conditions of employment for support staff across all participating schools. This can include provisions related to wages, benefits, working conditions, and grievance procedures.

Independent schools have traditionally been resistant to unionization, but the rise of MEAs has helped to change that. By joining forces with other schools, they can achieve economies of scale and negotiate more favorable terms with support staff unions. This can lead to improved working conditions and better compensation for employees.

At the same time, MEAs can also benefit schools themselves. By establishing clear and consistent standards across multiple campuses, they can help to streamline operations and reduce administrative burdens. This can ultimately lead to better educational outcomes for students.

Of course, there are also potential downsides to MEAs. For example, some schools may be reluctant to cede control over employment decisions to a centralized bargaining group. Additionally, there is always a risk that negotiations could become contentious and disrupt operations.

Despite these challenges, MEAs represent a new and exciting development in the world of independent schools. By working together, schools and support staff can achieve greater efficiency, fairness, and stability. As the demand for unionization among support staff continues to grow, it seems likely that MEAs will become an increasingly common tool for negotiation and collaboration.

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