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Dear visionary,

House of Futures’ partners are involved in many different projects – all concerned about anticipating and shaping the future today.

We have gathered a handful of the projects we’re working on right now or have recently finished: From sustainability and leadership to education and future goals in social policy.

Happy 2014 and beyond,
House of Futures

Dome of Visions back in Copenhagen 2014 
Dome of Visions is a temporary construction placing itself in the spaces-in-between of urban and rural landscapes and it is on its way back to Copenhagen in collaboration with Sharing Copenhagen and European Green Capital 2014. It will rise during the first months of the spring at a central location in the city and stay over the course of 12 months following through on new ideas in construction, curation and planning. This unique 1:1 experiment will specifically focus on sustainable urbanization and the facilitation of interdisciplinary meetings that break down silos and activate sensuous experiences. For more information on how to get to use and create in the space feel free to write Gry Worre Hallberg. Read more and see the preliminary program for 2014 at

Contact: Gry Worre Hallberg and Flemming Wisler 

Leadership Lodge – a new network for holistic leaders
Leadership Lodge is a network designed for the world’s new leaders who want to serve to profit the whole. The 3 lodges – Servant Leaders’ Lodge (SL), Facilitator Leaders’ Lodge (FL), and Personal Leaders’ Lodge (PL) – investigate and support inner driven leadership … read more at

If you are a leader and would you like to be part of a lodge in 2014, then join in onTuesday 21 January 2014 from 16:00-19:00 in House of Futures, Nybrogade 26a, Gr.Fl., DK – 1203 Copenhagen K. Here you can meet Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Professor in Leadership Philosophy, CBS, who will host a protreptic session with the participants – and get to know more about Leadership Lodge. To participate please submit by sending an email to Gitte Larsen at with name and organization. The event is free, but we will charge you DKK 350 ex VAT in no-show fee. The number of seats is limited – first come first served principle!

Contact: Gitte Larsen 

Future goals in social policy
We were co-responsible for organizing a grand meeting of Danish NGOs in November 2013. The meeting was called by the Danish Council for Vulnerable People (Rådet for Socialt Udsatte), and the aim was to give a joint response to the Danish government’s recent initiative on social policy goals for the year 2020. Our role involved designing and facilitating a 2-day process with 70+ participants from 50+ organizations, and co-authoring the meeting’s final report. Now the final report is out, containing a plethora of ideas, recommendations and inspiration for action resulting from the focused work at the grand meeting.

Contact: Steen Svendsen and Søren Steen Olsen 

Education of the future
We are also involved in the development of new forms of educational thinking. The art-educational performance-project Sisters Academy investigates how to inspire and create more sensuous modes of knowledge production. Between 2014-2015 Sisters Academy will manifest in a series of Nordic countries and the grand Nordic finale will be a large-scale durational immersive performance-installation at the stage Inkonst, Malmö (SE), in September 2015. Until then Sisters Academy will take over the leadership of a series of actual high schools, among them HF & VUC, FLOW, Odense (DK) and Myndlistaskolinn, Rekjavik (IS).

The first manifestation at FLOW in Odense is funded by the Danish Art Council and 200 students and 20 teachers will take part. Sisters Academy is not only emphasizing and amplifying the value of the creative subject fields on upper secondary school level, but even more radically these are fundamental to all other subject fields, and therefore the project also seeks to have an actual political impact on the educational

Contact: Gry Worre Hallberg 

Henrys Dream

Images from the full-scale performance and music festival Henrys Dream, co-founded by partner in House of Futures, Madeleine Kate McGowan, together with cultural observer Esben Weile Kjær and music booker Anne Birch Basse. The theme of ‘dreams’ is a popular theme right now. Artists are mapping out the dreams people dream at night, and applications for smartphones are designed to archive and analyse dreams. As a part of Henrys Dream 2013, a dream hotline was established, which people recorded their night dreams on to. These dreams were then categorised and became the creative clay from which the installations, sounds and movements were shaped. 2013 was the first year of manifestation. Article about Henrys Dream 2013 in Information: Appetit på dagsrester and at Most popular 2013: Henrys Dream, Toke Lykkeberg and Tal R tops the

Contact: Madeleine Kate McGowan

New magazine about next practice in sustainability 
We co-did the documentary magazine “Reinventing the commons” from the symposium “From best to next practice” arranged and led by Soeren Hermansen and Malene Lundén from Samsoe Energy Academy. Read the whole magazine online.

The book “Den bedst tjenende virksomhed. Bæredygtighed og vækst” by mediator Tina Monberg, journalist Marie Kraul and futurist Gitte Larsen, which was published by Gyldendal Business in October 2013, has been reviewed in both Jyllandsposten and Djøfbladet. Read the reviews (in Danish).

Thumbs up!
To the movie “ReDane” which is very well designed and tells an important story about changing the way we raise pigs and how we use the countryside. It’s all about moving from the past to the future – in a romantic way! It is produced by among others Dominic Balmforth, architect, Susturb, and supported by Statens Kunstfond. Watch it.

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