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A Greenlandic voyage is nearing its end. In awe we have explored new sensuous modes of learning in our Sisters Academy #2. In awkward pauses we have experimented with closeness even though we are at a distance in the telematic space. A new format. A new institution perhaps. Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing PSi #21/2015 will fluidly continue as we digest in Fluid States North and beyond. As we digest across long geographical distances in the Nordic region as we digest with our visitings – Tracing the Pathway (UK), Jan Suk (CZ) and Ivan Slacko (SL) – Unclouding the poetics, Peta Tait (AUS), Mia Makela (FI) and Birgitte Bauer & Isen smelter team (DK, GL, NO). Where our reflections on the telematic space and our voyage has brought us so far – A potpourri:


An exploration of a new format = pioneer space (The telematic space is an new genre or institution – A new institution that we have to find out how to use) // Regional = Exploring closeness even though you are at a distance in the North Atlantic Cluster = We are ar region who is very far a part and therefore we are exploring closeness // An embodied exploration of telematic presence = The research questions // Being physically present and the virtual space = where is the focus point and what do that do to the other // Presence in Greenland = Individual journeys into the landscape // Loneliness and solitude = Leave an empty space for other to fill it in //Technology should amplify presence = When does it do that and when does it disturb presence? // We are very aware of where the cameras are instead of just being. But maybe that awareness also have a quality to it? // The persona of Cara from the loft and how that persona can go to conferences // Framework within frameworks – Which framework should we focus mostly on = Being in Greenland, Fluid States North (and the telematic space) // Sisters Academy, Being together at a conference = Can they all co-excist? I believe they can but we need more time to unfold all layers = Now maybe we have surfed between them = And is that ok? To many frames at once? // Richness of layering
Unframing in the space = the space changes everyday = the unframing of Sisters Academy = In Greenland = how to embrace = Prepare to people to the overwhelmingness of all these layers = So it doesn’t become resistances or complaints // Trusting people on the other side that they will also embrace the awkwardness // How do you transcend the language and embody presence, sensuousness and the telematic = How do you articulate an idea through performance // The different sites in the room.
Patience = Sensuously slowing down.


Photos: diana lindhardt, The I of Sisters Academy

With Diana Lindhardt, Nana Elisabeth Paja Senderovitz, Olav Harsløv, Peta Tait, Jan Suk, Ivan Slacko, Cara Davies, Ashleigh Griffith, Joe, Mia Makela, Birgitte Bauer & Isen smelter team (DK, GL, NO)

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