Five Apartments

Five Apartments is a series of electro-acustic performance installations, which will take place in five different Copenhagen apartments. Five Apartments will happen in the time frame of five days, 12 hours daily. Each day a new apartment will be opened up for the audience. Each apartment will be inhabited by to-three performers and one sound artist. Five Apartments is created by artist Madeleine Kate McGowan together with among others Klara Utke Acs, Loke Rahbek, Inga Gerner Nielsen, Birgitte Klæbel, Tao Hansen, Kristian Paulsen, Peter Hans Tommila, Oliver Hoiness, Esben Weile Kjær and Fryd Frydendahl. A strong group of performers, visual artists and musicians from different artist communities in Copenhagen.

As a guest of Five Apartments, one visits the performance installation alone. When a ticket is purchased, one will choose a personal meeting time and afterwards receive an address via mail. Each guest will have a unique experience, as no two meetings are identical, and not two apartments are the same. From the moment the guest rings the door-bell, the performance begins.

Five Apartments is not a fiction. All the encounters and confessions are real. Eventhough you can call it a performance, it is more a structure; a framing of the intimate human encounter. An interaction between people who are strangers to one another.

Five Apartments is about the intimate and the vulnerable. The series of performances let something as simple as ‘a meeting between two people’ stand as the central theme. By articulation, the framing as art, let’s the construction stand as a frame for the encounter, in a time where more and more people relate to their world through a computer screen and where cultural events for the masses can be alienating to the single human being. Five Apartments lets the private space become public, and thereby makes something which would have been unknown, become known. From the moment the guest enters the apartment building, something as trivial as an apartment building can transform into something magical.

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