Everything is energy, and energy is in everything. That is the nature of reality.

Article and artwork for The NXT: Melting Platform Magazine by Kristine Bjerre, Artist.

The NXT: Melting Platform. Article and artwork by Kristine Bjerre.. Four humans. Two in suites, two holdig each other.

Energy is, at every given moment in time, being transmuted from one state into another, for instance, the food we eat – a human being’s only way of ingesting energy, which in turn derives from the sun. This energy allows us to perform the physical and psychological acts in the world. This is the continuously flow of energy and the underlying, necessary condition of our existence.

This is what controls everything. This is what makes some things possible and some things impossible. It is the basis of our society as it is now -– how much labour (energy) for this amount of money. It is the basis of our existence as life – life is about cycling energy to make more life.

Energy is light, color, and sound. It is in every atom, and thus in every item. Energy is found within and emanates from the sun, which shines on plants and generates their growth, providing us and every other being on this earth with sustenance.

It’s clear to see how energy works in situations with life forms – it’s about the greater utility for life – life, vitality, maintaining existence and conscious presence. Living organisms are totalities, cellular modularity in complex bodies working together throughout and for the whole system. Cells and organs have discrete states but operate as a gestalt.

We in society must learn something from this and try to survive together, not individually, and our bodies will be the small nodes that support the entire living system. We will work together instead of working against each other.

Nature has its own cycles and probably doesn’t pay attention to what we do or don’t do with it. We are merely a drop of water in the ocean in her history. It is our choice to destroy or create something that works or doesn’t work.

However, as a human being with a brain that wants to survive, I can’t do anything else but try to tell other human beings that this is the system that is our source of survival. We have to understand that system in order to understand the earth and the life that is on it.

The NXT: Melting Platform. Article and artwork by Kristine Bjerre. Two gorillas fighting.
The NXT: Melting Platform. Article and artwork by Kristine Bjerre. Ants.

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