Pianist & Performer

Eriko Makimura is a Japanese pianist born in Kobe, Japan. Eriko started playing piano at the age of two. She is a winner of numerous national and international competitions and she has made many recordings for radio broadcasting companies and TV such as ABC in Japan, SWR in Germany and classic radio in Portugal.

Since 2007 Eriko Makimura has been a member of European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA), founded by the founder of the Alban Berg QuartetProf. Hatto Beyerle.

In 2008 she founded “Eriko Makimura & Co.”, a solo piano and performance art network. In 2009 and 2010, she was a musical director of “Den Collinske Gaard”, a new arts & exhibition salon in Copenhagen.

She has established a new art form called “Chamber Cabaret” and present it in unique venues both in Europe and Asia.

Visit: erikomakimura.com