Dominic is born and raised in Sheffield, ‘Steel city’, at the heart of England’s industrial north. Principal cornet with the city’s youth brass band, feeder to the mining bands and national champion in its class.

Dominic is an architect with a MA from SciARC, The Southern California Institure of Architecture, Diploma from The Bartlett, University College London, and B’Arch from The Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow.

Today he works as sustainability consultant and design developer and used to work as Design Director for London sustainability consultancy, Beyond Green before founding own sustainability consultancy, susturb in 2004. Sustainability lead for global home improvement group Kingfisher plc. enabling cleaner materials and more effective resource use in the home (2010-).

He is co-designer of The Gross National Happiness Centre in rural Bhutan by order of Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley (2011). Urban Development director for Ramboll, Denmark building a strategy unit for global city consultancy (2012). Designer of national immigrant housing concept for Denmark with NXT for NCC (2016).

His key aim is to make sustainabilty practical, fun and good-looking; to get us to clean, positive living sooner rather than later.

Dominic gets inspired by all who create new and good by being themselves. The charm and music of Los Angeles. Bhutan, its children and its Takin and the scrappy rundown urban spaces; room to imagine.