Caring from a distance

NXT Encounters are live online dialogues between invited guests, in a time of a global pandemic that forces us to build community in new ways and to imagine a future that does not merely reproduce the status quo. Because the last thing to do, is to do everything we did beforeIn this session with artist Inga Gerner Nielsen and consultant Anne-Gisèle Nimbona.

How can we care for each other from a distance? For many people, this is not a new situation. There is a lot to learn from the stories and experiences of having to live apart from the rest of your family.

Inga Gerner Nielsen and Anne-Gisèle Nimbona are sister-inlaws. They have been in regular contact during the quarantine in Denmark and Germany, but mostly when letting their two and three-year old daughters have play dates via WhatsApp. Now they will take an hour to reflect the kinds of ‘care’ they have been giving. Inga is keen on hearing more about Giséle’s experience of how you cope when your family is living on a whole other continent. The talk will revolve around female story-telling and new ways of sharing our experiences.

The dialogue was streamed live on NXT’s Facebook page.

Watch and listen to the encounter here:

Anne-Gisèle Nimbona is a women with visions. One of her greatest visions is to contribute to the management of diversity. For Anne-Gisèle, our differences and similarities are an enrichment and not a weekness. Anne-Gisèle is convinced that women should have more access to leadership. She has worked in the field of integration and migration. Anne-Gisèle works as consultant and intercultural trainer; planning, organising and implementing intercultural training for different local institutions in Germany. Anne-Gisèle Nimbona‘s conviction is that we can learn from every human being and from nature if we are aware.

Inga Gerner Nielsen is a performance artist and teacher of arts-based research. Her artistic and activist practice is dedicated to creating spaces for interactions, which allow for sensitive modes of existence to unfold. This practice has developed through the making of performance installations such as ‘The Velvet State’ at Roskilde Festival Art Zone, ‘Seeing Pink Narcissus’ at Sixty Eight Art Institute in Copenhagen and ‘Før blå bliver Blå’, an installation immersing participants into babies’ ways of perceiving the world at KUNSTEN, Aalborg Museum of Modern Art. In recent years, she works between Northern Italy with the performance and social-reading project EutopiaDystopia and her home-region in Northern Denmark with an educational project mirroring the care work of interactive performers and nurses.

NXT Encounters #5 Caring from a distance with Inga Gerner Nielsen and Anne-Gisèle Nimbona

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Listen to NXT Encounter #5 CARING FROM A DISTANCE with Inga Gerner Nielsen and Anne-Gisèle Nimbona

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