allowing my body to absorb the world as it is right now

On may 2nd Gry Worre Hallberg from Sisters Hope and the NXT Community wandered the streets of Copenhagen as part of Wa(l)king Copenhagen

Walking Copenhagen, Sisters Hope, Gry Worre Hallberg

100 ARTISTS, 100 WALKS, 100 DAYS

Metropolis has invited 100 artists living in Copenhagen to create 100 curated walks through the city over the next 100 days starting 1 May, a day of collective walking. This can be seen as a performative diary form a city where the corona virus sets the agenda and has radically changed our daily life. Each artist walks for 12 hours and starts at home. Every hour he/she gives a “sign of life” via live-streaming.

Walking Copenhagen, Sisters Hope, The Link

Allowing my body to absorb the world as it is right now

I immerse in the emerging solidarity. It is beautiful. The empathetic caretaking of those threatened – Beautiful community. I engage in awe as communal life-giving actions are taken. Can we expand this nurturing solidarity and concern to those further away – To the continuous victims of war, hunger, poverty and climate crisis, who might in addition end up suffering the most from the current situation if we are not conscious about the interconnected totality of this planet? 

Can we take this chance to build a new world instead of just repairing the one falling apart? What was before was, and is, a crisis, and isn’t this our chance to move beyond economic rationality into a healthier societal paradigm…?

I fear the fear the most. I fear the fear for interconnections the most. It is this fear that causes nationalism, racism and the desire to return to what was – A world governed by an unhealthy economic paradigm and planetary disaster.

As Naomi Klein reminds us: “If there’s one thing history teaches us, it’s that moments of shock are profoundly volatile: We either lose a whole lot of ground – or we win progressive victories that seemed impossible just a few weeks earlier. This is NO time to lose our nerve.”

On this walk, I will engage in these questions by allowing my body to absorb the world as it is right now, and I will meet performers from Sisters Hope to co-explore with along the way. My online streaming will primarily be during these meetings. Featuring: Her Porcelain Spirit (Christin Johanson), Ekko (Oline Brønd), and The Link (Nana Senderovitz).

Photos: diana lindhart / Sisters Hope
Video: Walking Copenhagen / Sisters Hope.

Read about the walk in Politiken.

Walking Copenhagen, Sisters Hope, The Sister and the Link.

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